GRUPO REPULLO was officially born in 1992 under the name REPULLO ASSESSORIA EM INFORMÁTICA.


In the early years, the main activity was the development of educational software for the Health area of SENAC on Apple computers that equipped classrooms and ushered in the era of micro-computers.


Quickly in parallel with the work of educational software, clients of corporate management systems were demanding specific solutions initially in the areas of Video Rental, Perfume Making, CD Distributors, Record Companies, Bookstores, Law Firms among others, which expanded our activities to corporate systems.


In 1993, as demand increased, the urge for more productivity and more professional development tools, REPULLO adopted the MAGIC technology and found a partnership that lasts until today, which has allowed the company a great prominence in projects due to high productivity and quality of the administrative systems offered.


In 1995, using MAGIC technology, REPULLO started the project that launched it to another level in the market, which was the SIGIL Project (Computerized Integrated Management System for Public Cleaning in the city of São Paulo). Hired by LOGOS Engenharia, project manager, REPULLO developed a complex mission-critical system that was responsible for all data processing and information generation for the Collection and Processing of Waste from one of the largest cities in the World, which is São Paulo.


Other large-scale projects came from COGEAE-PUCSP, UMC and SPTRANS, and continued to put our methodology and competence in specific projects and we started operating in the market under the fancy name of REPULLO & ASSOCIADOS CONSULTORIA.


In 1997, the market started a search for ready-made solutions and through a partnership with CIGAM Software Corporativo, which used and uses MAGIC technology for the development of its ERP, we brought to São Paulo the ERP CIGAM, a modular system that serves various segments market share.


In 1998, REPULLO was chosen by the Israeli company MAGIC Software Enterprise to take over the distribution activities of Magic in Brazil, in recognition of the outstanding use of technology and professionalism of our company.


In the same year, we launched GRUPO REPULLO, which included the operations of CIGAM Repullo and MAGIC Software Brasil. These operations gradually acquired their own teams and acted independently.


In 2003, MAGIC Software Brasil expanded its operations to become responsible for South America, providing commercial and technical support to local Distributors in several countries. Currently we have Generatica operating in Argentina, through its headquarters in Buenos Aires, and MagicSur for other Spanish-speaking countries, through its headquarters in Montevideo (Uruguay).


In 2008, CIGAM Repullo also started to operate with clients in the South of Minas and Rio de Janeiro and Magic Software Brasil was opened as an independent company with only the administrative and financial part shared with the Group.


In 2015, due to our excellent consultancy and support services throughout our history, we were chosen by Enabley for the challenge of implementing and giving local support to its renowned Digital Educational Management System. Leader in the segment in Israel, Enabley was chosen by the CNI (National Confederation of Industry) to implement its Education system in the entire SESI network throughout Brazil and Grupo Repullo faced the challenge of absorbing and transferring knowledge to a local team of consultants who successfully implemented in all Brazilian states in 4 months.


The Enabley Platform in 2017 started to be offered outside the CNI Group and currently serves dozens of companies supporting Corporate Universities to connect training to results.


In 2019 Grupo Repullo continued to be the target of companies that need a local company, structured, with a good reputation and trust to represent it and we opened two more operations: Enerjoy and Agora.


It is only a small record of this history and it is obvious that such a trajectory of growth and success in the IT business world, would not be possible without the dedication of all the employees who work and have worked for the Group throughout its existence.


Thanks to everyone for being part of our history!


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